Thousands of successful surgeries with Excimer Laser using the Lasik technic. Correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Pioneers in Costa Rica.

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**Must be Costa Rican Citizen  or  "Foreign  legal  RESIDENT"


with legal residence card status  (cédula de residencia)  in Costa Rica**

See details ahead at the "Cost of surgery" page.


Francisco J. Perdomo, MD.
Specialist in Ophthalmology.

*Costs detailed on page:"Cost of surgery".

Excimer eye surgery to correct MYOPIA (nearsightedness), HYPEROPIA (farsightedness) and ASTIGMATISM.

With the NEW laser system, WaveLight®  EX-500 Excimer Laser , with the MICROKERATOME MORIA M2®, (FDA Aproved).

Also we do offer in some cases, **MONOVISION PRESBYOPIC SURGERY procedures** ( for close vision and/or reading problems after 40 years of age) .(Restrictions may apply).

Laser Excimer Clínica Cirugía Ocular y Láser offers to the patients:

  • We have 20 years of professional experience with thousands of LASIK procedures with Excimer Laser.
  • Most advanced (FDA Aproved), WaveLight® EX-500 Excimer Laser and the MORIA M2 MICROKERATOME®
  • We are the most EXCLUSIVE and  EXPERIENCED TEAM in Costa Rica.
  • We are the PIONEERS of the refractive surgery in Costa Rica.


If you know or suspect to have an "INMUNOLOGIC OR INFECT-CONTAGIOUS DISEASE", we thank you  to tell us that information,  before to do the tests, because in such cases we DO NOT PERFORM that kind of elective surgeries since in some of  this cases is contraindicated to do any refractive surgery.

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