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Tratamiento 1Excimer Laser surgery changes the shape of the cornea by removing microscopic layers of tissue on the middle or external surface with micro metric precision. This process allows the rays of light to focus with greater precision on the retinal surface.

Clínica Cirugía Ocular y Láser offers the patient the newest procedures in Excimer Laser surgery using techniques as LASIK, PRK, PTK, LASEK and Topography guide surgery, (Topolink) with a Topolizer.

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Before surgery is performed the shape, width, thickness and curvature of the cornea is measured. With computerized topography mappings, and the pachometric (thickness) measurement, we obtain information about surface and curvature characteristics of the cornea. The advanced diagnostic information data is then used by the laser computer. This method insures extremely precise laser surgery.

The Excimer Laser ultraviolet light beam does not generate heat, thus causes no thermal damage to the corneal tissue. It is designed to leave neighboring tissue unchanged. The treatment takes only a few minutes and the correction is permanent.


Equipo 3Excimer Laser surgery is painless. Only eye drops anesthesia is used. After surgery we will recommend other medicines which will help with any other small discomforts may occur in the hours following the operation.

Excimer Laser is not recommended for all patients. It depends on the visual correction required, quality and specific characteristics of the corneal tissue, life style of the patient and the patients willingness to comply with the recommended recuperation. More than 95% of the patients treated with Excimer Laser report immediate and dramatic improvements of their vision. Many can return to work the following day.

Equipo 2Approximately 90% of the patients are able to drive automobiles and participate in sports activities, without the need of glasses or contact lenses at the end of recovery time. This corresponds to a visual capacity of 20/25 or better. But almost 10% of the patients will need eyeglasses for sharper vision. Almost 94% of the patients  can get a 20/20 vision  after the surgery, the other 6% will need a second surgery for enhancement after 4 to 5 months post-surgery, but all of them improve  90% of their refractive problem. With these results we can assure that all our patients improve their vision, depending on the visual capacity and tissue reaction. In every single case we explain the prognosis and goals in terms of visual acuity.


We use the "ultimate" Wavelight EX 500"  excimer laser with topolizer-topolink  technology.


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